Special edition to celebrate anniversary artist initiative Paleis van Mieris

C-print, 13 x 19 cm, 2019.
Edition of 20 + 2 AP.
EUR 55,- (contact me when interested).

This photograph was made to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of artist initiative Paleis van Mieris in Amsterdam. It was included in the DUFUS anniversary paper.

27.11.2015 The making of ‘Lead of a Pencil (transferred from the inside of a pencil to the outside of a wooden pole)’. Graphite on wood (1.56 m) and stub of pencil. Location: Paleis van Mieris, Frans van Mierisstraat 92, Amsterdam.

21.11.2019 Capturing the hand that held the pole, after remake of ‘Lead of a Pencil’. Location: my studio, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 5.