Solo at Percipi Gallery

2014 // In October 2014 the solo exhibition ‘Out of Balance’ took place at Percipi Gallery in Amsterdam, bringing together recent photo and video works. The exhibition also included the performance Rewind, which was performed on 11 and 12 October 2014. (Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij)
Small Change (Percipi Version), video, 3’45 (loop), 2014.
Stretching the Cone, video, 2’56 (loop), 2013. MariekeGelissen_PercipiGallery_2014_04MariekeGelissen_PercipiGallery_2014_07
Short Tubes Make High Tones, video installation, 9’48 (loop), 2013.MariekeGelissen_PercipiGallery_008
It is the Rubbing That Makes the Skin Smooth, video installation (Percipi version), 20′ (loop), 2013.MariekeGelissen_PercipiGallery_2014_02
Tight (photo, 13 x 17 cm) and First (photo, 40 x 60 cm), 2014
Tight, photo, 13 x 17 cm, 2014.
Hanging, photo, 25 x 38 cm, 2014.