Podcast Habitus available

MAY 2021 / The podcast of Habitus (Dutch only) is available on most podcast platforms. In the video work ‘Habitus’ visual artist Marieke Gelissen is cutting the shape of of a crystal model our of a potato. She also distributes a manual in which she encourages the audience to cut a model of quartz themselves.

In the podcast journalist Marc van Dijk interviews Marieke Gelissen and Herman Voogd, Science Collections Manager at Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Voogd invites us to the depot of Teylers Museum to have a look at the original models of Haüy (photographs by Marc van Dijk).

In the depot of Teylers Museum
Haüys original model of quartz

Listen to the podcast:

HABITUS is made possible by Stichting Stokroos, Niemeijer Fonds, Mondriaan Fonds and the Haarlem municipality’s Cultuurstimuleringsfonds.
Special thanks to 37PK and Teylers Museum.